Condition of Telephone Books

The telephone books offered for sale on this Web site are not pristine. They weren't saved in plastic wrappers all these years. However, many of them look about as good as if they had lain untouched on a shelf since they were printed. In most telephone books, after about thirty years, the yellow tint of the yellow pages fades so that they're hard to distinguish from the white pages, which have turned slightly brown.

For each telephone book, I have tried to spot the most noticeable flaws. Are the covers scratched or folded? Are the pages warped? Are there any tears? Have the covers or the inside pages been written on? Is there any visible damage from silverfish or dampness? If the answer to all of these questions is "no", I call the condition "Good". Otherwise, I mention the flaws that I noticed. I use "Fair" or "Poor" if the phone book doesn't seem up to the "Good" standard, but doesn't have any one flaw that stands out. A "Fair" phone book might be lightly scuffed on the cover, but all the color would be showing; it might have some pages crinkled from exposure to damp, but not enough to stick together. "Private" means the telephone directory was issued by a publisher not directly associated with the telephone company serving the area. In other words, it's like a big advertising flyer rather than part of a telecommunication service.

Note: Some of the photos on this website have been retouched to cover up writing or stains, make the colors stand out better, and so on. None of the telephone books being offered for sale have been retouched.

Shipping and handling

Shipping and handling is $15 (USD) for the first telephone directory in your order, and $10 for each additional book ordered at the same time. This applies to orders shipped within the United States. For other countries, ask for prices.

Under new postal regulations in effect as of May, 2008, the bound printed matter rate (which I used to use routinely) is only available to bulk shippers (which I am not). My experiences now are that each clerk has a different opinion about what rate to charge for packages of telephone books. I am obliged to charge you according to the first class or priority mail rates. In some cases, I'll be able to use a much lower rate, but I won't know until I actually go to the post office. I may be able to give you a rebate on the shipping fee. Ask me about it.

For several years, I was allowed to use the media mail rate. Then it was discovered that telephone books (usually) contain ads, and media mail doesn't cover packages containing advertisements. I'm not sure whether that was a change in the regulations, or just a new awareness of the clerks.

Note: All packages will be mailed on Saturday at noon. If I receive your payment any later than that, you will have to wait until the following Saturday. If you have an immediate need, tell me so, and we can arrange faster service for an extra fee.

Last updated: December 25, 2013