Outbac Constitution


Article I. Hereinafter the name of this organization will be abbreviated to Outbac.

Article II. Membership

Article III. Each member shall be assessed annual dues of 20 cents payable at the beginning of each year of membership. In return he will receive at least one issue of the Journal of the Outbac by mail, failing which he will be excused from the following year's dues.

Article IV. The permanent treasurer will be Steven I. Law, and the permanent home office will be the residence of Steven I. Law. The treasurer is hereby authorized to allocate funds as necessary for the publication of the Journal of the Outbac (Joutbac).

Article V. The permanent editor of the Joutbac is Gwillim Law. He will be instructed to accept articles submitted by members if they are sufficiently short to fall within the budget and deal with methods of acquisition of telephone directories. A treasurer's report will be included if the treasurer provides one.

Article VI. The constitution can be amended by unanimous written vote of the members. All ballots must be signed and held at the office.

Article VII. Motions

I, _____________________, will neither steal a telephone book from a telephone booth nor accept a telephone book which to my certain knowledge has been stolen from a telephone booth. I will warn anyone who uses a telephone book more than two years old from my collection to doubt the accuracy of telephone numbers from such a book unless he recognizes them as being valid. I agree to the provisions of the constitution of the Outbac.